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Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
for computer switches and video phones. and when city council presideet jack young asked bout the programa emails to him from city hall denied there even wws a telephone piiot project. found all this leddto potentiaa dollars wasted on duppicate effortsa& offices - for the same purpose. the mayor sayssthe investtgation has prompped some changes... (bite from revamped the mayyr's offiie of information technology from -t have new people on board. " awarded...the former head oo the mayoo's i-t office has resigned under a cloud f previous empllyer, state of new york then, the chief of staff of the i-t office also left shortly after fox 45 unnoveredda descrepancyy in his ethics form the descrepancy??? - failing to report that he had previously done work for digicoo. jolivet::07:57:033 "digicon employees i wasstold, makeeup fifty percent offall division." aanoll jolivet ii a who's suung the city because he says the conttacting system is brokkn.....jolivet: 07:58:08 it's dumb. t doesn't make sense.".... still, the mayor says she's her office will adddess the i-g's concerns maaor: (
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1